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PSBT Relationships in the Workplace e-Learning Courses

What does workplace mental health have to do with you?  Absolutely everything.  

With 1 in 5 people experiencing mental illness at some point in their lives, it means they are our family members, our co-workers, our friends.  When we're all knowledgeable about mental health and mental illness, we can make the workplace safe, healthier and more supportive for all Members. 

Please note that the information provided in these courses is for awareness only and learners should not be using this knowledge as a means to diagnose themselves or someone else with a mental illness.

Three courses are already available with more in the works:

  • Introduction to Mental Health
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Mood Disorders

This short video will tell you more about the courses and how to access them. All you need is your PSBT or CUSW username and password. If you do run into any difficulties, just send an e-mail to [email protected]


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