Your Benefits Plan

The Benefit Trust delivers a comprehensive Benefits Plan tailored to our members' needs.

The primary focus of the PSBT is to work with our membership and carriers to deliver a comprehensive and customized benefits package at the most competitive premium rates available. Because we survey our membership on a yearly basis, we are able to provide benefits that members choose, and improve our package to suit members' needs.

Standard coverage in our package includes: Full Medical (including Prescription Drugs), Dental, Vision, Life Insurance (including Dependant Life Insurance), Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Long Term Disability. See below for an overview of the plan.

Pay Direct Drugs

Your deductible per prescription is nil. Reimbursement is 100% of eligible charges. Your maximum Dispensing Fee is $7.00 per Drug Identification Number (DIN).

Healthcare (with vision)

Your deductible per calendar year is nil. Reimbursement is 100% of eligible charges.


Great West Life will pay on the basis of the current year's Dental Association Suggested Schedule of Fees for General Practitioners, as of the 1st of the month following the month in which Great West Life receives the new Schedule. Your deductible per calendar year is nil.

Basic Services

Reimbursement is 100% of Insured Charges. The overall maximum is unlimited. For a more complete description of these benefits please refer to our Benefits Booklet

Life Insurance - Flat amount of $100,000.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment - Each Member and spouse: Flat amount of $50,000.

Dependent's Group Life

Spouse: $25,000
Each Child: $5,000
Benefits for children commence 14 days after birth.

The Power Sector Benefit Trust trustees are please to offer as part of its Health and Welfare benefits, member access to the services of Homewood Health Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP). Confidential assistance is available for a broad range of personal and work-related concerns which may affect you or your family such as:

  • childcare search - help to find a suitable provider
  • caring for an aging parent or ill spouse
  • relationship coaching – effective communication for strengthening relationships
  • dealing with a major life change – marriage, separation, death of a loved one
  • parenting issues - balancing children, relationships and work
  • financial counseling – budgeting, debt consolidation & advocacy with creditors
  • 24/7 Helpline for teens and parents – talk about problems with school, dating, drug and alcohol abuse or legal problems
  • Legal advice – talk to a lawyer about family law, motor vehicle law, and general law

To find out more about Family Services Employee Assistance Programs click here.