Long-term Disability

Tax-free monthly income to help pay expenses if you can't work due to illness or an accident.

“That will never happen to me.” Unfortunately, you never know when something could happen, keeping you from earning your normal income and putting a strain on your family. Rest assured, as a Member of the Power Sector Benefit Trust, you are protected in the event that you become disabled.

Our Definition of Disability

"Disabled" and "Disability" means that due to injury, disease, illness, pregnancy, or mental disorder, you are not able to perform the essential duties of your regular occupation with your employer or with any other employer during the first 24 months of payment. After that, it means that you are unable to perform the duties of your own or any other occupation for which you are reasonably fit for by education, training, or experience. And without consideration to the availability of such occupations, you are not able to earn the percentage of your pre-disability monthly earnings.

Payment Policies and Amounts

70% of monthly earnings to a maximum monthly benefit of $2,800

Benefit payments are taxable.

Benefits are paid monthly after an elimination period of 189 days. They terminate on the earliest of your cessation of disability, death, or attainment of age 65, except if you were under age 65 when you became disabled, you will receive at least 12 months of payment provided you remain disabled.

Long Term Disability benefits terminate at age 65.

Long Term Disability or Accidental Death or Dismemberment Process

If you become mentally or physically disabled while insured, you may be eligible to be paid a monthly amount based on pre-disability monthly income after being off work for 189 consecutive days.

LTD Claims Processing Procedure

If you have been or foresee that you may be off work for six months (189 days) due to injury or illness, please call Cathy Eady at Goldstein Financial at 416-221-0060. If it is deemed that your case is eligible for review, you will be issued an LTD application package that you and your physician(s) must complete and return to the office as indicated. Sonny Goldstein and/or Cathy Eady will act as your mediator(s), which will minimize your interaction with the insurance carrier. You will then receive a letter informing you of the results of the claim assessment. If your LTD claim is approved, you will receive LTD income until no longer deemed "disabled" (please refer to the definition above).