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As part of the Power Sector Benefit Trust you have access to the Member & Family Assistance Program delivered on our behalf by Homewood Health.

Members and their families have immediate access to a wide range of confidential counselling services offered 24/7 over the telephone. Guidance, support, and counselling are available to Members and their families in a number of areas of life that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Each of us has both home life and work place related issues that we need help with from time to time

Here are a few areas Homewood can help with:

  • Childcare search-help to find a suitable provider

  • Caring for an aging parent or ill spouse

  • Relationship coaching–effective communication for strengthening relationships

  • Dealing with a major life change–marriage, separation, death of a loved one

  • Parenting issues-balancing children, relationships and work

  • Financial counselling–budgeting, debt consolidation & advocacy with creditors

  • 24/7 Helpline for teens and parents–talk about problems with school, dating,drug and alcohol abuse or legal problems

  • Legal advice–talk to a lawyer about family law, motor vehicle law, and general law

  • Work and Family Balance–get support figuring out how to manage it all

  • Harassment, exposure to violence and trauma


For our Members on the front line of the workplace (Supervisors, Workplace Stewards, Workplace Health and Safety Representatives) Homewood provides telephone support to help you deal with issues like those listed below–when you reach the call centre representative, simply identify yourself as being in a leadership position:

  • How to best approach another Member about their problems

  • Advice on managing conflict resolution

  • Strategies for supporting return-to-workplace accommodations

  • Support for Members recovering from substance abuse or mental illness

Need Help Now?

Get in touch for immediate 1-on-1 assistance:

If you or a family member are looking for immediate assistance call Homewood’s 24-hour toll-free confidential number at:


En francais:
1-866-398-9505 | TTY: 1-888-384-1152

International (Call Collect):

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