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BEST DOCTORS: Your Partner in Health Care

Bringing together the best medical minds in the world to help you get the right diagnosis, treatment and information when you’re facing medical uncertainty.

How Best Doctors helps you

Information that Empowers
Arming our members with the right information, with tremendous results. After using the InterConsultationSM service, 60% of Best Doctors members have had their treatment modified and 27% have had their diagnosis changed.

Personal Health Care Ambassador
By simply contacting Best Doctor, a Member Advocate (a Registered Nurse) becomes your personal health ambassador, reaching out to the medical community on your behalf, within Canada and beyond.

Complete Spectrum of Health
Best Doctors addresses the entire spectrum of health, assisting you with virtually any type or degree of medical uncertainty.

Convenience and Privacy
When you have a medical question or concern, all it takes is one call or email to get help. You don’t have to leave home and everything is completely confidential.

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PSBT Members can contact Best Doctors today at: 1.877.419.2378 or email