Teladoc Medical Advisors

All PSBT members have access to the best doctors in the world!

Teladoc Medical Experts (formerly Best Doctors) brings together a trusted group of world-class experts who can help you get the right diagnosis, treatment and information about your health. Teladoc empowers you with a network of over 53,000 physicians in more than 400 specialties and subspecialties of medicine.

When you’re not getting answers from your physician, wondering why your symptoms aren’t improving, want to know the best physician for your condition, or need help deciding among multiple treatment options, contact Teladoc for help. After using the InterConsultationSM service, 60% of Teladoc members have had their treatment modified and 27% have had their diagnosis changed.

Personal Health Ambassador 

By simply contacting Teladoc, a Member Advocate (a Registered Nurse) becomes your personal health ambassador, reaching out to the medical community on your behalf, within Canada and beyond.

Complete Spectrum of Health

Teladoc addresses the entire spectrum of health, assisting you with virtually any type or degree of medical uncertainty. 

Convenience and Privacy

When you have a medical question or concern, all it takes is one call or email to get help. You don’t have to leave home and everything is completely confidential.

How it Works

All you have to do is call Teladoc at 1-877-419-2378 and speak with one of the Member Services Specialists. They will ask for the Member’s name, our plan name (PowerSector Benefit Trust administered by Canada Life), our Plan and your ID number as provided to you when you joined the PSBT Plan.

You have access to Expert Medical Opinions, Find Best Doc, Find Best Care, Best Doctors 360 and Ask The Expert. You also have the Extended Family Benefit service which extends to parents and parents-in-law of the Plan Member, including step-parents and adoptive parents. Spouses and Dependants are also covered!

Watch this short video to learn more about the process taken by Teladoc to make sure you have the right diagnosis and treatment.

Any communication with the Teladoc Program is 100% CONFIDENTIAL