Member & Family Assistance Program Comprehensive services for you and your family to help with life’s daily struggles.

Life. It happens. It can be a roller coaster ride. When you find yourself dealing with bumps in the road, you can count on the Member and Family Assistance Program (MFAP) to smooth out your ride.

There are points in our lives when we feel stressed, even overwhelmed. Are you saying to yourself that moment is right now? Perhaps you feel stuck and need reliable advice. That’s where MFAP comes in. As a member of the Power Sector Benefit Trust, you have access to several services provided by the Member and Family Assistance Program to help you with life’s daily struggles as well as your more urgent needs. Learn more about our services below. 

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Resources for Member's Parents and Non-Eligible Members Helpful Contacts:

Our MFAP Services

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Online 24/7 Counselling Services

Through our provider, Homewood Health, members and their families have immediate access to a wide range of confidential counselling services offered 24/7 over the telephone. Guidance, support, and counselling are available to Members and their families in several life areas that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Each of us has home-life and Workplace related issues that we need help with from time to time.

Addiction Recovery Support

The MFAP supports members to recover from addictions, including but not limited to alcohol and substance use, gambling, shopping, sex, and violence. If attendance in a rehabilitation centre is required, every effort is made to find a facility close to your home community, allowing continued family support.

MFAP aid to Members through addiction recovery includes support before entering any rehabilitation program and, if needed, any needed assistance to return to work after completing your recovery program.

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E-Learning through Alliance Learning

What does workplace mental health have to do with you? Absolutely everything.

Our Members have worked with our learning partners and mental health professionals to develop a 10-course Certificate Program: Relationships in the Workplace. Each course is under one hour in length and gives you tools for yourself and to support others*. We encourage you to share this information with your spouse, partner, children and other family members. Together we can end the stigma surrounding mental health and ensure that everyone feels safe to participate in our workplaces.

Extended Phsychological Support

Additional funds are available to Members who need additional psychological support beyond the counselling plan members receive through the benefit trust plan. When referred by a Doctor, the benefit plan will cover the first $500 with a licensed psychologist of the Member's choice.

For those members who require additional support and whose physician confirms they continue to be in crisis, the PSBT may cover the additional cost of extra visits with your practitioner.

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Fequently Asked Questions

If you or a family member are looking for immediate assistance, call Homewood's 24-hour toll-free, confidential number at:


En francais:
1-866-398-9505 | TTY: 1-888-384-1152

International (Call Collect):

If you believe you require rehabilitation support or a program, please speak directly to your Health and Safety Representative. If you require assistance navigating your options, you can contact Craig Batty to arrange member field support for you.
No, you cannot contact the MFAP on behalf of another Member, however if you are in a leadership position like a Supervisor, Steward or Health and Safety Representative, you can call  Homewood and identify yourself to the agent. In this case, they will provide you with access to a mentor who will listen to the situation and provide you with tips on how to get that person to access support. You can also contact the MFAP Field Representative, Craig Batty for support. Ultimately, the Member must reach out on their own behalf.
You can login to with your PSBT username and password. If you run into any difficulties, send an support request e-mail to [email protected].

Any communication with the Member and Family Assistance Program is 100% CONFIDENTIAL