Addiction Recovery

Additional focused support to help members recover from addictions. 

The MFAP supports members to recover from addictions, including but not limited to alcohol and substance use, gambling, shopping, sex, and violence

Details of this support

If attendance in a rehabilitation centre is required, every effort is made to find a facility close to your home community, allowing continued family support.

If a Member enters a facility for treatment, coverage includes 30 full days of rehabilitation and up to 15 days of additional time if recommended by the attending facility.

MFAP aid to Members through their recovery from addiction includes support before entering any rehabilitation program and, if required, additional assistance to return to work after completing your recovery program.

If you believe you require rehabilitation support or a program, please speak directly to your Health and Safety Representative. If you require assistance navigating your options, you can contact Craig Batty to arrange member field support for you.

Please note: Addiction Recovery services are only provided to the member and not to the spouse or dependents.

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Any communication with the Member and Family Assistance Program is 100% CONFIDENTIAL